Monday, December 8, 2008

Moose soft toy-keychain

I am now currently in Stockholm, Sweden. Scheduled to go back to Malaysia for a few months starting of mid December 2008. Items will be delivered only when I get back (the earliest would be end of December 2008). Postage will cost RM5 (will cost more, depends on the weight)

Email me at:

Note: Please bare with me if I don't respond promptly as there is 7-hrs time difference between Malaysia and Sweden. As I also do this as a part-time while doing my work + Doctorate, I will try my best to entertain any questions ASAP.

Moose soft toy-keychain

Sold by Ladyverde
about palm size


my hidden stories said...
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:: vErde+hAzizi :: said...

huhuhuhu...lame tk drop by...just incase klo ade lebey that cute moose, i nk satu boleyyyyyyy????

Liyana said...

Orait. Dah reserve sekor for you :)

ninoZ said...

keychain yg flat sket ade tak? yg bercirikan sweden lah...
kita pun kumpul keychain negara2 luar..kirim kat kawan2 :D

Liyana said...

Maybe next time I gi sana lagi, I'll buy one for you :)

ninoZ said...

tq tq

duniaku milikku said...

nk keychain jgk
ade lg x?