Sunday, November 30, 2008

Souvenirs from Stockholm

Stockholm Desk Calendar - 2009
Dimension: Width x height = 9.3 x 10 cm

Clay Thimble - Finger sheild (Jidal) RM15
A thimble is a protective shield worn on the finger or thumb generally worn during sewing.

Small glass RM 15 (Sold out)
Height: 5.5 cm
Opening diameter: 4.5 cm
Booked by Cheq

Fridge magnets: Stockholm/Sweden

Note: Price differs due to different materials and sourced from different shops.
2 Swedish Kroner(SEK) = 1 Ringgit Malaysia
Price ranging between SEK 30 -40


Stainless steel: FM1 (Sold to Ladyverde)

Stainless steel:FM2
Booked by Ninie

FM3: Fridge magnet + clip (steel & plastic & glass)
Wooden horse is a Swedish traditional symbol
RM20 ( 1 unit is sold to Aini)

FM4: Sweden map - clay ( Available stock :1 only)
RM17 ( Sold to Aini)

FM5: Moose head (wood) (Sold to Ladyverde)

FM6: Viking ship (rubber) (Sold to Ladyverde)

Fridge magnets: Greece

Both made of rubber. RM12 each

Dolphins (Sold to Ladyverde)
(Booked by Ninie)

ZARA Lipgloss

Not available anymore
(They were not sold out, but have been used by blog owner :)! )

ZARA Lipgloss

Made in Spain (Bought in Stockholm)
Plastic seal still intact
RM27 each

ZARA Lipgloss: FUSCHIA 630

ZARA Lipgloss: Granate 605

H&M cosmetics: Blushers

I have a medium tan (sawo matang) complexion. Therefore I love these 2 shades as they give a natural blush look. The reason I have stocks of these colours? H&M has increased it's price. I found these in one of H&M stores at the city centre - with the old price. So I just grabbed a few!

Info on H&M

RM25 (new price by H&M is RM30)
Note: Colours may differ from real colours due to monitor colour resolution, flash effect etc. However, I can guarantee they are not intense red or shocking pink! :)

Tawny Rose (2 units available)

Coral supreme
( 1 unit is booked by Syarifah Nur Athirah)
- 1 unit is still available-

H&M does not allow its cosmetic products to be tested on animals, either during the production process or in the finished state. It's a Swedish brand and have stores worldwide. The cosmetics are made in different countries such as Germany, Italy, Spain and China but all suppliers must guarantee that the content, packaging and labelling meet EU quality and safety requirements.

H&M cosmetics: Make up palette

All make-ups were sold (dipakai sendiri :)
Palette A:RM35
(1 unit only)

Palette B: RM32 (1 unit only)

Thursday, November 27, 2008


Dibeli di Stockholm. Buatan China.
Saya akan pulang ke Malaysia pertengahan Disember ini. Oleh itu, penghantaran hanya akan dibuat penghujung Disember dari Malaysia menggunakan poslaju.

A1: 80 x 80 cm. Polyester. Ada benang emas di celah tenunan. Keras sedikit. RM15
A1_1: Red/orange
A1_2: Blue

(Sold to Hanis)
A1_3: Red-black-white+++++++++++++++++++++====================++++++++++++++++++++++++++++

All designs below are SOLD OUT

A2: 68 x 68 cm. Polyester. Sedikit transparent.
Lembut, tekstur material seperti sutera crepe. RM20
Dibeli ketika jualan murah. Harga asal SEK100 iaitu sekitar RM50.

A2_1: Grey (Sold to Ladyverde)
A2_2: Butterfly_red
(sold to Fiza Sharif & Ninie SS)
A2_4: Black_flowers

(Sold to Hanis & Fiza Sharif)

Scarf is worn with 2 different sides..

-polka dot on top

- stripes on top
A2_5: Multicolours_corner

(sold to Alysha & CikChelsea)

Satin scarves

30 Nov 2008
This section has to be closed due to unavailable stock.


These are my collection which I bought during sales. If you are interested, I will help you to get them. I will check if they are still available. Since I'm going back to Malaysia in mid December, ordered items will be delivered only by end of December or early January.

Satin scarves (not so soft). 72 x 72cm. RM25




How does it look like when it's worn?A3_5