Friday, December 5, 2008


I am now currently in Stockholm, Sweden. Scheduled to go back to Malaysia for a few months starting of mid December 2008. Items will be delivered only when I get back (the earliest would be end of December 2008). Postage will cost RM5 (will cost more, depends on the weight)

Email me at:

Note: Please bare with me if I don't respond promptly as there is 7-hrs time difference between Malaysia and Sweden. As I also do this as a part-time while doing my work + Doctorate, I will try my best to entertain any questions ASAP.

Generally cost of living in Scandinavian countries (particularly Sweden) is among the highest in Europe. Therefore, the price for souvenirs is more expensive if you compare to other European countries. For example the price of fridge magnets bought from Greece is much cheaper. Thus I'm selling (or I prefer the term 'to help to buy') for the converted price of Swedish kroner to the closest rounded of Malaysian Ringgit.

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